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Personal Trainer

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Monday July 8, 2019 to Saturday August 31, 2019
Campus Recreation
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The Certified Personal Trainer is responsible for establishing realistic goals with their clients, designing, tailoring and implementing fitness programs for them. Each client has specific needs and it is left up to the trainer to prescribe specific programs to their clients in order for them to achieve their goals. The trainer is a professional in the fitness field and they are to teach their clients how to train safely, by demonstrating and teaching proper technique and using appropriate cues to guide their clients through their workouts.


  • Experience in the areas of personal training &/or exercise physiology
  • Valid level 1 Personal Training certification by an accredited association (CanFitPro, SPI, NCSA, CSEP, ANIE etc…)
  • Valid CPR certification
  • Valid First aid certification


  • The Personal Trainer should be professional and responsible at all times;
  • Fill out all pertinent documentation in regards to their clients health history in order to be able to tailor the fitness program specifically for the client;
  • Introduce yourself to new people, smile and greet them Get to know as many participants as possible;
  • Report any malfunction of equipment to the appropriate supervisor;
  • Kno the rwules and regulations of the facility, and relay them to all clients. If someone is violating rules, causing disturbance, and or mistreating staff, equipment, or other members, inform them of the rules and politely ask them to follow them;
  • Be prepared to respond to an emergency that may occur during a session by using current university procedure;
  • Be aware of literature and trends in fitness and fitness-related fields;
  • Be available to answer questions pertaining to her/his clients;
  • Encourage safety at all times.
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Lenny Sabourin
Manager – Fitness Programs