Meet the Gee-Gee counselor team

Meet the Gee-Gees Counselors Team

  • Micaela Narine (She/Her)

    Micaela is a student at the University of Ottawa, she has worked as a counselor, head counselor, administrative assistant and is currently our assistant program coordinator for Gee-Gees Camps!
  • Sam Bélanger (He/Him)

    Sam is a student at the University of Ottawa, he has worked as a counselor in our younger swimmers camps for many years and is excited to be back for March Break Camps!
  • Felix Hébert (He/Him)

    Felix is a student at the University of Ottawa and has been a counselor for our Junior Gee-gees Camp the past few years! He is looking forward to being a part of March Break Camps!
  • Michaela Jones (She/Her)

    Michaela has been helping the Gee-Gees camps for three years now. She was a head counselor for our virtual summer camps and will now be working on our March Break Camps! She also plays on the Gee-Gees volleyball team.