Intramural recap

Friday December 20, 2019
Volleyball players

About 5000 students come out to play intramurals every semester. These students bring a whole lot of spirit and a fair bit of competition to the fields, rinks and gyms. Fall 2019 was another great year of intramurals; here are some of this semester’s highlights.

One of our favorite stories of the Fall 2019 intramural semester is that of a flag football, We Touch Down, team made up of exchange students who had never played flag football before their first game. Their positive attitudes made them a fan favorite. Referees loved to work with them and players loved to play against them. While they didn’t score a single point all regular season, the team’s smiles, laughter and humor was contagious. The team stuck with it, showed up an hour to an hour and a half before their game time and even practiced as a group outside of their scheduled league time, talk about dedication! When time came for playoffs, they entered as the last ranked team and lost 1-0. However, everyone had so much fun playing that game, they organized an informal exhibition game the following week. Our team of dedicated exchange students scored TWO touchdowns. This feat was celebrated by players, referees and staff demonstrating the strong sense of community shared by intramural participants. 

One team tie-dyed their intramural t-shirts while the Here We Throw Again team came dressed in full costume to a rainy game. A bumblebee intramural player is something we’d like to see more of in 2020. As you may or may not know, in Flag-football intramurals, players cannot wear shorts with pockets in them. This rule was put in place to avoid broken fingers. What you probably do not know, is that one suggestion of safe apparel is to wear boxer shorts over shorts. While most teams don’t opt for this option, one team took advantage of the situation and coordinated wearing boxers as part of their uniform to every game. They chose flamboyant motifs and even sometimes matched their boxers to their beer-themed high socks. A special thanks to all these players who chose not to take themselves too seriously and provided the other players, staff and spectators a good laugh week after week.

League referees are hired to ensure fair play and safety but the intramural refs go above and beyond their job descriptions to help ensure players get the most out of their intramural experience. On multiple occasions this fall, referees have joined in on games or even created their own team on the spot after forfeits so that present players could still enjoy their time on the ice or the field. These individuals are great examples of what intramurals are all about…fun!

On top of these funny and heartwarming stories, intramural records were broken, points we scored and championships were won. uOttawa’s intramural leagues are a place where all are welcome. From top scorers to first time players each participants has a place in our leagues. So bring your smile and your spirit and come join the intramural community.