The Perfect 60 Second Stretch

Wednesday November 8, 2017

Got a Minute? Perfect the Sixty Second Stretch

It’s almost exam season and we all know that feeling that is circulating around campus. The feeling of stress takes over our body and we just want to bundle up in a nice comfy blanket and watch the newest season of Stranger Things on Netflix and eat some chocolate. While it sounds nice, we can kick that stress to the curb in just sixty seconds!

We know what you’re thinking: “what is this magic potion that can roundhouse kick stress?”

Well, sorry, no roundhouse kicks here… all we have for you is the perfect sixty second stress stretch. It works wonders, and while it’s no potion, it is still pretty magical.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Take a moment to gently move your head front to back. Now move it side to side and left to right. Really get a good stretch in. You should feel it in your neck.

Now, slowly open your jaw and make a big smile as you close it. Say cheese, if you want! You are in the process of stretching your entire head and the magic is flowing.

Finally, move your head left and right, and front and back. Slowly, of course, to get that full stretch satisfaction. And there you have it, you have perfected the sixty second stress stretch. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? Don’t be scared to explore this stress-free nirvana of a stretch at any point during the day. After all, you only need to ask yourself three simple words: “got a minute?”

Go out and rock this season! 

Should you experience any aches or pains while performing this stretch, please consult your doctor or dentist for more information.

Want to go beyond a 60 second stretch? Be sure to check out our activities calendar for drop-in yoga and Pilates classes offered!